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Re: Stefan Molyneux--the "Splitting" question
« Reply #30 on: September 21, 2017, 07:28:24 PM »
I had never read this article before. I find it very, very interesting indeed.

I don't want to weigh in the issue of psychological disorders, but I do want to say this:
Yes, it does matter how a thinker arrives to their professed beliefs.
If Molyneux arrived to his conclusions because of a psychological disorder, then we should not consider him a credible thinker (I already don't, obviously, but for different reasons), and that what he says should be therefore considered credible.
That does NOT mean that every single thing he's ever professed is false. It just means that Molyneux's support and arguments are completely irrelevant to their truthfulness. You can argue for them from different standpoints.


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Re: Stefan Molyneux--the "Splitting" question
« Reply #31 on: November 05, 2017, 08:28:03 AM »
I discovered this forum out of concerned for an elderly friend of mine (74 years) old, who just about lives and dies on the basis of watching YouTube videos and hanging on every word of Stefan Molyneux.   

I'd never heard of this bloke until my friend starting sending me hyperlinks urging me to watch this "brilliant" man.    My friend is a retired ship captain of 37 years experience and is clearly a very intelligent man.   But how he could seriously place a heap of credence on a lot of the rubbish Molyneux sprouts is beyond me.
He is one of his financial supporters - calls him the greatest philosopher ever???   Now that is a worry!

My research in many different places has led me to believe Molyneux certainly has elements of dangerous cultish behaviour as part of his whole "show".   For his followers to blindly agree with everything he says is a concern.   When I disagree with any viewpoint, my friend denigrates me, just like his idol does with anyone who dares to disagree with his ramblings. 
As a newby to all this, I find Molyneux to be a self-obsessed, boorish speaker, with a greatly inflated ego and heightened sense of his own importance and infallibility.
But there again, he is not dumb.   I'm sure his bank account would lay testament to the fact that he is smart enough to persuade every misogynist, conspiracy theorist, hater of all parents - regardless of whether good or bad, opponents of governments of all persuasions, and alternative financial and political theories however whacky they may be, to boost his coffers.
Molyneaux's inability to tolerate a different point of view is legendary, so it now seems.

When I came across this article "Stefan Molyneux - the "Splitting" question, everything came into sharp focus.    For me, the following quote says it all in this very well written and balanced article.   
"Now I see he is talking about all people living bad lives under all governments that are all bad and suffering from religions, all of which are all bad. They all need to be freed by anarchy which is all good and all moral.
What is that, if not splitting?"

I despair for my friend and all others who have fallen beneath the spell of this person who has wielded great negativity and power over his followers, and damaged so many families.   My friend is living a life of misery, convinced of the massive ills of this world, seeing nothing positive at all.   This is being fuelled by the ramblings of this joker, resulting in his quarrelling with loved ones, friends and family alike, due to the outlandish beliefs he demands they adopt - or else!     It is tragic.   

And yes, I agree with many others - Molyneux's narcissistic tendencies cannot be denied.   They are clear for all to see.   

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Re: Stefan Molyneux--the "Splitting" question
« Reply #32 on: November 05, 2017, 12:54:24 PM »
I think the question is immaterial when it comes to Molyneux because he has no set philosophy and is not a thinker. He was a libertarian/anarchist yesterday, and defending Trump and the rich today. In Plato's dialogue "Sophist" he describes the sophists as nearly impossible to pin down and full of rhetorical trickery because they are mainly opportunists. That aptly describes Molyneux in my view. His massive narcissism not withstanding, he has found that the best way to gain wealth and followers is by dividing the world into black and white. If he ever says something that is true or rational, it is incidental.