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Title: Labels video...
Post by: The Observer on January 01, 2019, 08:36:38 PM
I actually really enjoyed much of this video and his message.  I can relate, as I think we all can.  No one likes to be labeled things that limit our potential or cast as a type of person we are not.  I remember back when I left high school, I was so relieved to start fresh with people who did not know my background.  I want to be clear that I think he has a good message in a lot of this video.   However, there's plenty of incorrect assumptions that Molyneux makes in this one. 

Firstly, he tells his fans that people are upset and oppose him because he's now "a leader" instead of "a follower".  No Stef, it has to do with the lies and misinformation you spread -- not just because you are "a leader".  He's playing dumb as if he really doesn't know why he is receiving so much criticism. 

Secondly, he goes off on this strange rant how people are set up in binary goals in wanting those to fail who are different or opposite.  While this is sometimes true, I think it is not the case most of the time.  Most people I know are not interested in seeing others fail.  It's also possible that opposite people can succeed, and also possible that people doing bad things can succeed (Molyneux, for example).

Lastly, he talks about how we shouldn't label people with different opinions.  But of course, he goes around calling critics "trolls" and "naysayer" in his comments section all the time. 

Title: Re: Labels video...
Post by: summa logicae on January 01, 2019, 10:40:17 PM
There's some truth in the idea that a label can adversely affect someone if it doesn't really apply , but not every label is wrong. Calling someone clumsy because they continually drop things and trips over their own feet is not a label, but an observation, for instance.
Title: Re: Labels video...
Post by: The Observer on January 04, 2019, 06:34:11 PM
True.  Labels are often somewhat true, if not entirely accurate.  I think the reason Molyneux made this video is because the labels people are assigning to him are really starting to bother him (eugenicist, racist, etc.).

I don't want to start another thread, but he posted another video about race and IQ today.  I expect this video will get a lot of reaction.  I hope it at least raises more awareness of how off he is about race and intelligence.