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Xmas greets
« on: December 25, 2014, 07:28:20 AM »
Good tidings to all my fellow warriors on this winter solstice, whatever your gods. I hope you are all safe and snug, with or without your families, depending on chance, circumstance or, as is sometimes the case when these latter two fail to make the grade, enemy action.

Last night when I went to get the car, after having bought Christmas presents (of minimal value this year due to all three of the above rules) and subsequently lost them (where?) and thus having returned to the shops to buy them again, I discovered the boot was open and the wee light had spent the past five days steadily draining the battery until it was no longer a living force in the world.

Such an event is clearly serious. I don't like to leave my car without at least a little red light on the dash. Also, the clock stops and I don't know how to reset it. The only technique I have is to disconnect the battery and then reconnect it at the precise time showing on the clock, which is more than a little tiresome and, it could be argued, not the action of a healthy individual.

My Jamaican friend - one of the most reliable men I have ever met - offered to bring his vehicle round in an hour (providing the bailiffs haven't clamped it again) and did I have the jump leads? I rushed off to Kwikfit (a short walk) and, of course, it was closed. More seriously, my second and only other option, the corner hardware store, had its shutter at half mast and a single light inside. I peered through the door at the owner, a gloomy and entirely inscrutable Pakistani man to whom I chatted at the time of his father's death and offered my condolences (I think I mentioned Allah, as if I knew the first thing about that fellow).
- We're closed
He said, and then added, illogically
- What do you want?

He had one set of jumps on a stand by the door. The last in the shop. They looked as though they had been there a very long time because the bright red insulation had yellowed in the sun.
Ken arrived bang on time and before long we had the engine running again. I gave him a herbal medicine of particular potency that I had received as a gift earlier in the day (not all of it, I'm not entirely stark raving bonkers) and off I drove to visit my parents, not to celebrate the warmth of the family home and the embrace of my kin, but rather to charge the battery - the distance being about right - and, I confess, tuck into some grub made by my sister's partner, which person is not a bad cook.

Happy Christmas