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Ode to a wintering Irishman
« on: January 12, 2015, 05:43:54 PM »
Ode to a wintering Irishman

It seems to me a funny thing
To see how he has grown so thin
Yet still he speaks and still he smiles
Tho' words grow cold and lips do curl

The handsome dancing eyes reflect
A hint of pain and fear of death
And now the cupboard groweth bare
And now the child ascends the stair
And yes the kitchen door has slammed
And no the money didn't come

"But we have greater heights to scale
We both of us shall climb the vale
And we shall bring our wife and kin
But who are you, my countryman?"
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Prodigal son

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Re: Ode to a wintering Irishman
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"You know me well, as I know you
We meet each morning when you shave
Your stubbly cheeks and when you speak
The poetry that I have writ

I am your inner child you know
And also your controlling parent so
We rise and fall together friend
When all the world predicts our end."

And then he starts, and lifts his eyes
To behold someone I cannot see
A brother, mother, absent child
A desperate need for company

The Irishman shakes off the snow
And back into the kitchen goes
Then he turns to view the lawn
And once more puts his headphones on.
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Re: Ode to a wintering Irishman
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You know man, I don't exactly understand what the purpose of this poem is. But you seem like you're of the good kin.
Brah It's Patrick AKA UnholyDecimator on warcraft 3
Howe's it going man?
Btw, Guinness is the beer of a true Irishman.