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I'm really glad I have made the move to post on this forum because I am putting it out there that it is a difficult and frustrating place to be in, being a parent and knowing that your adult child is at the effect of something which is not making for a successful or easy life for them. If Molyneux's philosophy and "teachings" were a thing that I could see made mine happy and added value to quality of life then I would not be writing. Hey I haven't found much posted on the forum from parents in a while. I would like to connect with other parents who have either been defoo'd, or are struggling with the challenges of trying not to be defoo'd and still hanging in there (the latter is kinda my situation). And I would absolutely love to hear from anyone at all who has a good news story about themselves returning to their family and friends, or their child coming back (undefoo'ng if there is such a term). For me it's been a long struggle. I'm tired, and would love some ideas and inspiration. The leather is wearing pretty thin on the shoes in which I've been walking.

money detonator:
I wish you the best, Tara.  I know there are supportive people that lurk here that have been, or are, in your situation, and I hope they connect with you.

There may be good reasons why parents are reluctant to speak out or make contact with you. Steve Hassan (Freedom of Mind Resources Center) gives some advice in his latest YouTube Video blog How Can I Rescue My Child From a Cult?

Marc Moïni:
Hi Tara, it sounds to me like you have been getting distressed, not finding ways to rescue your child from the danger you see them being unaware of.

I fell for Molyneux's lies years ago, and now my understanding of what happened is that I was vulnerable to his type of manipulation because of emotional wounds from my early childhood.

I've since been healing these wounds, and developing the emotional skills I was missing. Consequently, in addition to enjoying my life way way more than I thought was possible before, I also now easily see through the tactics that Molyneux uses. The way I see it, Molyneux does a lot of damage, but that's a drop in the bucket compared to the damage caused by the far larger cults, such as statism and religion, that most people get indoctrinated into from very early on, and hence most people (including the cult experts I see mentioned) are not aware of. Molyneux, for all his faults, doesn't have an army that goes out and kills people every day, like many of these larger cults have.

I realize what I'm saying is difficult to accept, and hence unpopular. I've been making videos with the hope of sharing what helped me build more compassion for all involved, and more clarity about what I can do to make this world more enjoyable to live in. My signature below has a link to these videos on my YouTube channel.

All the best to you, and I'm happy to discuss this topic further if you're interested.

Maybe you shouldn't have been such a terrible parent.  Don't blame stef for your inadequacies.


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