Author Topic: Has anyone heard that Stefans followers post on Craigslist?  (Read 981 times)

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As I explained in my earlier post , I am curious about Molyneux because I have information that suggests his followers are responsible for harassing me.

I can't give detailed information here, as I have fairly recently been threatened with legal action, which is part of the reason I am taking steps to find out a little more.

So, I do know for certain that many alt-right supporters were using the rants and raves secretion in Vancouver CL to post their messages.  If course I don't know if these people were connected to Molyneux,  but chances are pretty high that they would be, since he's  well known amongst the alt-right community. 
I also noticed that there were many very fake posts appearing on the missed connection forum of CL as well, though these posts have mostly stopped now . These missed connections posts were sometimes slanderous and used real names of individuals and images taken from their SM accounts.

I have connected these slanderous posts to the people who have harassed me. I also highly suspect them of harassing a man named Cran Cambell. Mr. Campbell's name has been in the news, as he was harassed after he spoke out about these alt-right Rants and Raves CL posters.

I'm curious if anyone has heard of these groups using CL, specifically if there is any link to Molyneux