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Awesome quote
« on: August 09, 2012, 07:19:41 PM »
"To maintain domination structures, people must be taught with a static language that uses the verb "to be" ways that judge people, in their behavior, their appearance, their intelligence...and in addition to this language that I call a 'language of domination', it's also important to teach people retributive justice. Retributive justice basically implies that if you are judged as 'bad' by the authorities, you deserve to suffer for it. To receive punishment. And if you are positively judged by the authorities as 'good', then you deserve to be rewarded. It's my belief that this combination of teaching people to think in a static way, in terms of good, bad, normal, abnormal, appropriate, inappropriate, mentally normal, mentally ill... That way of thinking combined with retributive justice based on punishment and reward, I believe is at the heart of violence on our planet."

- Marshall Rosenberg

Now, thoughts on this: it doesn't take into consideration how most animals are, or can be, violent. Still, there might be something to be said about the way we are educated leading to more violence.