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Conspeclst26 shows up


As the parents began coming to Liberating Minds, some brought with them a cult extraction specialist who began posting under the name conspeclst26. He operates from this Web site:

I was fascinated and began hammering him with questions. The conversation was always interesting because everyone who contributed had their own definition for "cult" and many people in the freedom community appear to oppose the very notion that someone can be destructively controlled without the use/threat of physical coercion. But that is exactly what Undue Influence usually is.

I learned a lot from him. If you go to the member page of LiMi, pull up his name and start reading posts and topic by him, I think you can get some very good information about cults.  Here's an example of me throwing a question at him (about cults in which the members don't live in a private compound).

Conspeclst26--Cult members in the real world?


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