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New to this, Thank you

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I am a fairly new member to this site have been visiting off and on since I was defooed and it is how I figured out that is what happen with my child.  Just want to say THANK YOU for being here, since it truly has saved my sanity. Especially since TruShibe and the inner circle members coming out.

Very grateful!

Welcome! Sorry to hear that you were deFOOed, hopefully your child will find all the criticisms of Molyneux and be open to reconnecting with you.

Thank you, hopefully soon! Keep up the good work of informing others of how harmful he is!

Prodigal son:
Welcome Hope

As you have seen, oftentimes defoos turn out to be temporary arrangements - I hope this turns out to be the case with your own missing person.

I have formed the opinion that the fact that rejected friends and relatives are participating here, whether actively or passively, is proof somewhat of their fundamental goodness and genuine care for the person they have lost. I can't imagine any parent, friend or relative who is sufficiently Internet savvy and yet would fail to do the research that leads here (although that could reflect a limitation in my perspective). In my case only one member of my family took the trouble and I will be eternally grateful for that consideration - to me it highlighted the only real bond existing in my family and after several years that has indeed turned out to be the case, although the person in question no longer walks among us.

In the meantime I look forward to reading any thoughts you may care to share (without compromising your anonymity of course).


I am so very grateful for finding this site. I hope others do as well! Thank you all for trying to expose the real truth about Molyneux.!!


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