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Prying Them Loose


Why FDR was created. Molyneux says it’s merely to pry you away from a belief in the “inherent virtue of family.” That is, until you dig deeper. It’s all in Prying Them Loose.

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It would be a vast overgeneralization to say that the sole purpose of FDR is to pry them lose. That doesn't account for the many other topics that are covered. Nonetheless, the isolation that is produced is worrying, it doesn't make people happy, and it makes people cling to FDR even more.

Think of it like "oh that poor baby bird trapped in that, be free! be free!". Stefan and people at FDR really believe that it would help others.

And given their whole reasoning, it's a logical enough conclusion! Why not take your beliefs with full seriousness? It's admirable!

But the reasoning is flawed, and they make the same error that many people make. Rather than helping, it is controlling!

So then how can one really say it's a decision he made?

I think the trouble with these good intentions is that people are blinded by their own issues, and that of course is why they've landed there in the first place. But only you know how best to run your life, and peer pressure as well as moral pressure (being told you're virtuous for breaking with corrupt people) is not help and is not freedom.

The baby bird will fly when it is good and ready.

Fortunately, I haven't seen this kind of pressure on people to defoo in a long time. Maybe people there will someday understand and promote the value of curiosity, instead of pushing conclusions.

But the errors that have been made don't seem to get corrected for years, because people get so defensive!

Silo Bill:

--- Quote from: Black Swan on January 27, 2012, 03:26:06 PM ---
The baby bird will fly when it is good and ready.

--- End quote ---

Quite true. Birds do not have be taught to fly, it is instinctive and thus do not require a 'shove' out of the nest.
The difference between birds and ourselves being (aside of wings and feathers etc' :) ) that generally birds do not return to their parents. I wonder if it is easy for birds to emotionally detach themselves from their chicks once they are departed? As for Humans, well we are a lot more complex than that.
Perhaps we have something to learn here?


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