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Gynocentric Schooling
« on: October 24, 2017, 04:06:32 AM »
I know that gynocentric schooling is a common complaint mentioned on different FDR podcasts.  What is the best way to end the "disease" of gynocentric schooling?  These are some thoughts I have had:
On the issue of gynocentric schooling, it is worth exploring what schools would look like if the gynocentrist approach was destroyed. Should schools teach conquering? Conquering is a classic protocol of all empires for building wealth and expanding borders, taking slaves and coveting resources and women. If schools started teaching this early, it might look something like this: 1) Stop interfering with bullies. The "show of force" posturing is a critical component of conquering. If the big guy can't intimidate and threaten the little guy he's being set up to think the world operates in a way that is not realistic. On a global, geopolitical level, show of force and intimidation through military might and weaponry is very much how one nation exercises power over another nation. Why deny this reality in early childhood education? Let bullies be bullies. 2) Train classrooms full of big kids, to conquer classrooms full of little kids. The entire point of conquering is to study your enemy "in this case the weaker 3rd graders with pockets full of lunch money", learn his weaknesses, bust in the door, beat up the 3rd graders and take their stuff. Clearly 3rd graders are pussies compared to 5th graders. Let the 5th graders devise a plan (just as a team of military strategists might) to conquer the 3rd graders. What arsenal of what types of weapons needs to be put in place? What goodies are going to be looted? Lunch money? Expensive sneakers? 3) How will you take out the biggest toughest 3rd grader? Will it be a public beheading? A firing squad? 4) Who will you put in to control the 3rd graders left? The most despotic 5th grader of course. 5) Establish a taxation system. For the protection that the new leader provides, the 3rd graders have to pay a portion of their lunch money for protection. 6) Take the hottest 3rd grade girls and give them to the alpha 5th grader to do what he wants. I think it's entirely doable.


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Re: Gynocentric Schooling
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2017, 09:12:09 PM »
Or we can teach the NAP in schools, I'd prefer that.