Author Topic: Molyneux speaks at alt-right conference in NYC  (Read 926 times)

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Molyneux speaks at alt-right conference in NYC
« on: January 27, 2018, 10:22:03 AM »
This article was about Chelsea Manning's attendence, but went into detail about Molyneux's presence.  I think Molyneux got more article space than the others because he is willing to say the more extreme, offensive things.  This self promotion gimmick has worked reliably for him over all these years.  I'm not sure how much lower he can go after being singled out as more extreme than other white Nationalists.

Chelsea Manning spent her Saturday night with white nationalists. Why?

One of last weekend’s main speakers, likewise, was a YouTube personality named Stefan Molyneux. While Molyneux, with some 721,000 subscribers on YouTube, has gained far less mainstream attention than figures like Cernovich or Posobiec, he’s also veered far closer to outright white nationalism than some of the others in attendance.

Over the past two years, Molyneux has led an effort to peddle pseudo-science to his listeners on race relations and “Western Civilization.” To wit, Molyneux has described multi-ethnic societies as a “problem,” noting in one video that “the problem is, among the blacks and the Hispanics, they don’t end up acting the same as the white population or the Asian population.” (The notion that East Asians are superior to whites is, ironically, a common trope among white nationalists.) He’s also said that “‘racism’ is the new ‘n***er,’” and “the most offensive racist name now … is ‘racist.’” He further described Barack Obama as the “racist-in-chief,” and claimed that “freedom has a eugenics component to it inevitably.”

Molyneux denies that he’s a white nationalist. (“I am not a white nationalist. I will confess to being a right rationalist though,” he wrote in 2016.) However, he’s not only conducted unctuous, softball interviews with outright white nationalists like Jared Taylor – Molyneux called it an “honest conversation about race” – but even spent one video ranking races according to the “sweet spot of criminality.”
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Re: Molyneux speaks at alt-right conference in NYC
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2018, 06:32:33 PM »
This is a strange game that has been played before by others who promote white nationalism in orbit of the libertarian community. I remember back when Stodles/ConfederalSocialist/FringeElements was getting active on youtube. When I first encountered them, they were essentially an open white nationalist channel. Then they formed a new channel and wormed their way into the libertarian and ancap community. Essentially, they were pushing white nationalism through twisted libertarian rhetoric. But when you called them on it, they would squirm with semantic games over being a "white nationalist", acting like they are merely a politically incorrect libertarian. BS. 

Well, when you spend all of your time making videos promoting an agenda of resegregation and talking about race and IQ all the time, when you make the exact same talking points that white nationalists do, and you're part of a community and have a fanbase mostly filled with people who explicitly are white nationalists, yea, you're a white nationalist. Someone who wants to create an all-white society, including using government force and law in the process, is a white nationalist, no matter how much they might want to squirm out of that for arbitrary PR purposes.
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