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Molyneux the genius
« on: September 21, 2018, 03:25:38 PM »
Perhaps because of his pathological lack of self awareness, there are countless moments of irony on Molyneux's show. In the video "Is intelligence a gift or a curse?"
the caller claims that he is highly intelligent and that it feels like a curse because he felt the need to fit in and not express his interests and abilities. Since the topic is about intelligence, around 7:32 Molyneux inevitably displays his narcissism, claiming that he was put in the art room, as a sort of holding area for smart kids with another student because "they liked to read". Given his reasoning on the show, I doubt Molyneux was anything other than an average student with a penchant for verbal play, leading him to be involved on the debate team.

Bizzarely, he then mentions at 7:58 that he had a friend named Mark that died of a congenital heart defect, and this leads to mentioning another friend that was killed after being hit by a car. He then says "I've got some gravestones floating around." This has nothing to do with the topic and just serves at highlighting Molyneux's random thought patterns that all center around himself as the supreme agent. Women, of course, are at fault for the caller's problem and Moly goes in that direction at 9:26 by asking if the caller had a lot of female teachers. Then, in another strange turn, he states that men perform better at sports than women. This is nonsensical, as they don't usually compete against each other in direct competition, but only in their own categories for obvious physical reasons.

At 14:57 Molyneux says that "Female teachers are rampantly sexist against little boys." Supposedly they are only generous with smart little girls, but then at 15:56 "The philosopher who influenced me most was a woman, so I've got not problem with massive female achievement... oddly enough women do." If this is the case, female teachers would be equally resentful towards female students achieving highly, and Molyneux refutes himself. The caller never questions any of assertions made, and throughout the rest Molyneux reasserts with every idiotic statement that he is cunning, but most definitely not the highly intelligent philosopher he claims to be.
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Re: Molyneux the genius
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2018, 08:25:35 PM »
i time how long it takes before he blames women for everything that is bad in the world. even if the subject matter doesn't seem to have anything to do with women he manages to shift the conversation in that direction. pretty incredible.