Author Topic: Why are we so obsessed with Stefan?  (Read 745 times)

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Why are we so obsessed with Stefan?
« on: September 21, 2018, 10:05:43 PM »
All of us here loathe Molyneux and his con-artistry. Most of us have been FDR skeptics for many years. Yet we all continue to remain fascinated by this individual, to watch his podcasts and make endless posts about him. Why? What is it about Molyneux that is such a source of endless fascination?

Well, for one thing, you have to give Stef credit, he's entertaining. Aside from his hilarious facial expressions (thanks to his not being very photogenic), he does have a charisma and a way with words which makes him fun to listen to. And let's be honest, listening to him insult and humiliate his callers, whilst revealing how much of a dick he is, is also rather funny. (Not so funny for the callers though, of course.) His terrible acting is revealed in every doomsday video he makes about Syria or Islamic terrorism or leftists on college campuses, all of which end with the customary shameless begging for donations. What also makes Stef a source of entertainment is his frankly ridiculous views on everything from Frozen to race and IQ. His rants on women are disgustingly misogynistic, but also a good laugh. There are also his innumerable contradictions in his political stances which he appears to shift with all the grace of a toddler who throws away her teddy bear to play with the doll's house. TruShibes and The Observer have done a great job of putting together the funniest clips of Stefan Molyneux you will find on the Internet anywhere. I've spent the past few days rewatching them and having a good laugh at Molyneux's expense.

I first started listening to Stefan back in 2014, when I was around 14. It was only after about a couple of years of listening to him (having at one point been a big fan) that I came to the conclusion that he was a lunatic who could not be taken seriously. At that time I was going through (and still am to a great extent) a massive existential crisis coming off the back of my loss of faith in Christianity and the discovery that I was bisexual (the latter of which triggered the former). I was very vulnerable at the time emotionally and could easily have become one of which unthinking cultist followers. I'm glad I was independent-minded enough to abandon his twisted "philosophy" as I grew and matured. I have unsubscribed from FDR on YouTube and no longer watch him regularly (whereas in the past I would spend hours a day listening to podcasts) but now and then I do listen to videos he uploads and post about him on this site (though rarely listening all the way through, as I no longer have the time to sit through a 2-hour long talk show). I suppose I still have some sort of emotional attachment to him. He may be a monster, but I would say that for me to be attracted to him in the first place, there must have been some sort of monster lurking in myself as well which still hasn't entirely been vanquished.

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Re: Why are we so obsessed with Stefan?
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2018, 02:31:36 AM »
This is a really good honest post.  I applaud you for having the bravery to ask it.  I myself ask this question to myself, especially recently.

One big reason I continue to watch him still is because even with all the redundancy and him constantly telling the same stories, I'm mostly curious as to what will happen with his channel.  Alex Jones was banned, and I cannot imagine that Molyneux is far from receiving the same treatment.  Not saying it's wrong or right, I'm just saying it could likely happen in the future.  I don't hold out much hope that Molyneux will become humble and actually work on improving his serious flaws. 

Yes, he is entertaining.  Like that guy who called him the Jerry Springer of the internet, I too have tuned it for entertainment.  Like him or hate him, he is entertaining and stirs the pot.  I don't like it when he acts like a dick to his callers.  I guess part of me hopes he will allow a person who will challenge him on his show he's not right about as many things as he pretends to be.  I am seeing that this will likely never happen, as he rarely debates anyone highly intelligent and even if he did, he wouldn't post it on his channel.

Another reason for me is, this is a bad habit I have.  I'm going to be honest.  I've gotten in this bad habit of listening to him over the years.  I'm the sort of person that has an interest for a few years (or obsession) and then after a while I drop it all.  It's happened several times in my life with things like sports, certain types of music, etc.  I'm obviously not at the point where I've dropped Moly, but the day will come eventually.  I'm definitely done making videos on him though. Thank you for your kind compliments btw!  ;D

One of the biggest reasons I've gone after him is because of his moral absolutism.  There's several things that have bugged me about him, but this is the one thing I wanted to call out in hopes people will not get sucked into believing it.  I was once a person who got sucked into this thinking, and it can lead to all kinds of problems in your life.
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money detonator

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Re: Why are we so obsessed with Stefan?
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2018, 01:50:41 PM »
Speaking for myself, sadly, it is the same reason I am interested in Manson, Jim Jones, Hitler, Pol Pot, and serial killers, their enablers and followers.  It is about understanding the dark side of humans, and what can be done about limiting its damage to society.


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Re: Why are we so obsessed with Stefan?
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2018, 04:51:06 AM »
My reason to be fascinated is because I have studied cults for more than half my life, and I still resent the fact that I almost got suckered into one. Thankfully, Molyneux banning me before he went full cult leader mode was the best outcome possible. I am also endlessly fascinated by how much of a cult his group turned into afterwards.
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