Author Topic: What is it with Molyneux's obsession with marriage, family and children?  (Read 490 times)

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I think Molyneux has always had a socially conservative prejudice against people who don't choose to settle down, get married and have children. However, he has become more and more vocal of late, as can be seen on his Twitter page, about this issue.

This man, who used to be such a champion of individual freedom, is now shaming people who don't want to get married and have children that can be brainwashed into furthering the cause of white nationalism.

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Re: What is it with Molyneux's obsession with marriage, family and children?
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It's only coincidence.

Young children are helpless (cannot escape), easy to manipulate, trusting, and a source of infinite narcissist supply, which Molyneux craves.  I believe a friendless, jobless, broke narcissist Molyneux desperately wanted a child for these reasons.

Religions and white nationalists were always obsessed with producing lots of babies for their own reasons, which I don't want to go into here, but some of them should be obvious.

I think the overlap is coincidental.  One giveaway is that Molyneux considers children an economic burden and only wanted one, while religions and white nationalists encourage and often have followers with several (3+) children.  They downplay the economic constraints and talk up the ideological imperative to expand.

Notice, while Molyneux did preach a lot about children, his followers didn't have many (or any), nor were they in a position to, nor was his advice helpful in any way to forming relationships that would result in any.  It was just another trick.  He wanted another arena where he could gloat that he, and only he, had superior ability or special knowledge.  His disconnected followers would be "failures" and inferiors that he could manipulate.  Anyone who is connected to reality can see plainly that a lot of people other than Molyneux have figured out how to pair up and reproduce.
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