Author Topic: Molyneux and "shunning" and other destructive cult parallels  (Read 3416 times)

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Recently I've listened to quite a bit about cults by people like Janja Lalich or Alexandra Stein, who both used to be active in political cults and now have become authors writing about their experiences. Generally speaking the cult leaders they describe seem to be similar characters to Stef (glib, fast talking, narcissistic, offering simple solutions to save the world that involve giving the cult leaders money, living parasitically off their "disciples" etc.) One more parallel I noticed is the technique of "shunning", what Scientology calls "disconnection":

So it appears Stef's great philosophy of personal liberty is just a "becoming a cult leader for dummies" textbook.


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Re: Molyneux and "shunning" and other destructive cult parallels
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His defoo is that. Read the articles on the home page here. Quest has done a great job documenting it over the years. There are several that include many sources and different angles.