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Australians get Molyneux
« on: June 10, 2019, 02:40:47 AM »

I actually live in Australia and I am sick of people telling us about our heroic Liberal ("conservative") party, but this is not because I support the Labor party. 

These armchair historians/economists/political scientists are not from Australia and have no clue what is actually going on here, or of our history, as they project their own "insightful" black and white thinking onto us from the comfort of their own little fish pond. 

 Molyneux is a consistent offender, but I stress not the only one. 

Molyneux was the same dude who came out here with that blond chick who tried to stir up trouble in Lakemba, where Aussies from all over the world including the Muslim population have peacefully worked out their own boundaries thank you very much.  O the hypocrisy of someone from a foreign country and culture coming out here with a political agenda that involves telling us that we are letting other foreign cultures boss us around!