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New Website
« on: February 02, 2020, 12:12:39 PM »
 I Just got round to looking at his new website. I see he changed the domain to freedomain instead of freedomainradio. I wonder why? Well it was an odd name, and now he can get more accidental traffic for people looking for free domains.
I wonder if Amazon know he’s a right-wing-hate-speech-cult -leader? He has paid links to them: “help philosophy by using these links’
I have to laugh at some of the posing photos, he must have used a professional this time, instead of using screen shots from his videos.
On the ‘About’ page: “Stephan also stars in the media documentary ‘Hoaxed’” which when you click on it gives the message ‘tell me when hoax is released’.  I guess he hasn't had enough donations to complete it.