Author Topic: Therapist who told podcast listeners to shun their families reprimanded  (Read 11719 times)

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Re: Therapist who told podcast listeners to shun their families reprimanded
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Sharon Presley
10:43 PM on November 2, 2012

I'm a psychologist and I can assure you that the Board was right in finding her guilty. What she did is a serious breach of ethics of the American Psychological Assn. [that includes Canada] The people here who are saying she shouldn't be reprimanded are most likely members of the very well-organized cult that she and her husband Stefan Molyneux run. I have investigated what they say, I have interviewed past cult members as well as defooed parents. Everything the ex-cultists and parents say simply confirm what my own reading of their podcasts tell me. Their practices are extremely authoritarian and cultish. I heard Molyneux say with my own ears--if you can't get your friends to agree with your politics, you should shun them. [It's on YouTube under Libertopia 2011]. This sounds just like Scientology, another sophisticated cult for people of more than average intelligence. Not all cults are like the Heaven's Gate crazies. Both of them are dangerous to naive young people. Molyneux thinks he is an expert in psychology but 90% of what he says is BS and in direct conflict with actual research evidence; his wife only has a BA in psych. As a psych professor, I know how much BA graduates know--not enough to be doing therapy. She not only deserved to be reprimanded; she should have her license pulled.

That (in bold) is the silver lining. I got seduced into a cult -- a cult for smart people ;)

Yes. I think this kind of of positively reinforcing criticism cuts much deeper into FDR and has a higher likelihood of actually opening up an FDR member's mind--especially those who have been members for years--to think about the possibility of leaving without being terrorized by the fear of facing ridicule and debasement in the world outside FDR. I mean I'm sure there are FDR members who are uncomfortable and see inherent contradictions in FDR, but subconsciously they may also be thinking..."i'll be thoroughly ostracized and feel like an idiot if I leave"--and plus I read in another post from an ex-FDR member (sorry, I can't remember where) that Stef actively manipulates this fear by strategically highlighting  and magnifying the insults and the not very thoughtful criticism of FDR, something which he can easily this makes positive reinforcement all the more important!
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Re: Therapist who told podcast listeners to shun their families reprimanded
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By the way, my favorite part of this article is here:

Mr. Osborne said the public would be better protected if Ms. Papadopoulos’s shortcomings were remedied, rather than just imposing a punitive measure such as a suspension.

How things have turned out have exceeded my expectations, and this statement blows my mind even further. :) We need this kind of harm-reduction attitude in the world more, I believe.
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Re: Therapist who told podcast listeners to shun their families reprimanded
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You guys who are showing concern for their marriage or for Izzy, are you serious or hypocrites? Since you're posting on this forum, I understand if you'd hate them instead of showing care. Are you experiencing the Stockholm syndrome by any chance? While I care about Izzy as much as I do for any child on the street (as she's not mine, neither was I there at her birth or when they conceived her), I care even less about their marriage.

However, this being said :P, I do see the entertainment value in all of this. If Izzy doesn't become and anarcho-capitalist Stef's "philosophy" fails, while if their marriage fails his "philosophy" fails again. When I say that it 'fails', I imply that it will fail for all his fanboys, as for many it already did.
On one hand Stef's narcissism and the fact that he's used to being abandoned by family members are working against their marriage, but on the other hand he's invested so much in it (both philosophically and financially) and she's such a people pleaser (as her ex said) and all alone (defooed from the entire family) that they can't do anything but stay stuck together and find excuses for it. Was I carrying enough?   :'( :'( ;D
"Everything that's rich and deep is crap."
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Re: Therapist who told podcast listeners to shun their families reprimanded
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I'm sure like some of you, I've met Christina. She, like Stef, showered me with attention and a sense of validation. I recall that, while I was going psychotic as a result of total life failure, Stefan told me that he'd consulted his wife and suggested that I go to an emergency room. Then again, perhaps I hallucinated that conversation at the time. Hard to tell.

On the outside, when you look at it, I went from being a well-off young man at university with a job and a network of adult support to an unstable homeless person obsessed with Stefan's philosophy.

Granted, my familial relationships were screwed up & neurotic, and I was immature and irresponsible. I was already unstable (but getting my life sort-of on track), and FDR pushed me off my perch. By any reasonable measure, the joint intervention of this couple caused me grievous personal, financial, and professional harm. I was an adult when I found his podcasts, but not a particularly competent one.

His books promised enlightenment, true friendship, and emotional connection. What those cheap books cost me were a good chunk of the first half of my 20s.

The biggest excuse that I can make for the two of them is that they misunderstood the distortion that the internet introduces into human behavior.

However, the truth is that they both disregarded the Hippocratic oath, which, of course, many doctors and psychologists ignore. I don't think that you can isolate Stef and Christina as the only things that are wrong with psychology and its close cousin psychiatry. What I do know is that Stefan's ministrations did more inadvertent and unintentional harm to me than any priest I've ever had.