Two former members of Molyneux’s inner circle participate in a second revealing interview.


Oh, that pesky internets! Every time you try to smack down the truth somewhere, it just seems to pop up somewhere else!

In another completely irrelevant cultural reference, this pretend journalist notes that things continue “Breaking Bad” for Stefan Molyneux.
First, the Tru Shibes YouTube channel that one of Molyneux’s agents tried to nuke with a fraudulent and hypocritical (in my opinion) DMCA charge has been resurrected as TruMirror on YouTube as well as a harder-for-Molyneux-to-control channel on DailyMotion. Molyneux analysts everywhere still have immediate access to all of the quotes that ultimately blow up Molyneux’s tortured logic without having to wade through hour-and-a-half podcasts.

Also, I don’t think my count is entirely accurate, but something like a half-a-million libertarian Web sites have now condemned Molyneux’s actions against Tru Shibes. As a matter of fact, the only libertarian who doesn’t seem to be talking about it is Molyneux himself, who instead seems to be content with spamming YouTube with more videos while hoping everyone just forgets the whole thing.

And speaking of playing whack-a-mole with the truth, another article mysteriously disappeared while everyone was looking the other way. Paulie Doyle’s revealing interview with a former Molyneux inner circle member was removed from the Buzzfeed site and, so far, Buzzfeed refuses to say why. Was a Molyneux employee lurking somewhere in the background on that as well?

No matter, Ian Freeman of Free Keene managed to yank the article out of the shredder and resurrected it here: Stefan Molyneux Jumps Shark, Uses State to Silence Critics

The secrets continue to pour out

The insider that Doyle interviewed (who called herself “Alex”) has now been revealed to be Colleen of the BiggerThanBothofMe videos.

After making the decision to fully come out in public about her involvement in Freedomain Radio, Colleen was apparently contacted by Michael Dean of Freedom Feens. In a compelling interview, Dean gave listeners their first view into the inner workings of Molyneux’s “community.”

Almost immediately after that, another former inner circle member surfaced on Free Talk Live and corroborated everything Colleen had revealed.

All caught up now? Because now there’s this

Colleen and Greg have just returned for a second appearance on Freedom Feens, this time to dig even deeper into this bizarre “community.” During their conversation with an astonished Dean and Dianna Keiler, the ex-members revealed a stifling and manipulative environment that somehow still claims to be dedicated to freedom. The YouTube version of this interview was uploaded by YouTube member Jim Jesus:

The Truth About Stefan Molyneux, from Two People
Who Were in His Inner Circle – Freedom Feens

The video is chock-full of revelations, such as (better strap in):

    • 8:20—The inner circle attrition rate is pretty high. Yeah, people get fully dedicated to Molyneux but after two-to-three years nearly all of them leave in disgust, which is “common to cults.” (Both ex-members are very forthright about describing the fully committed part of FDR as a cult.)


    • 15:36—Colleen is one of the few (only?) FDR members asked to actually lead FDR podcasts. She was being used to attract more female members, since Molyneux was concerned that his audience was predominantly male. (It appears that since then, he has gone with Plan B—appealing to the guys with misogyny. Whatever works.)


    • 16:45—Molyneux provides “dream analysis” for his members. Somewhat like Jung, he believes we have vital information stored in our brains that are only revealed through complex allegories during our dreams. It’s an idea completely unsupported by science.


    • 22:00—The group believes in repressed memories and recovering those memories, with heavy emphasis on portraying interactions as abusive or suggesting there is more abuse than you can remember. It is an environment of peer pressure to leave your parents, whether they are abusive or not.


    • 23:35—The idea that FDR is “all adults” is a myth. Some of Molyneux’s callers have been as young as 14 years old. A lot of Molyneux’s followers are adolescents.


    • 24:50—Contrary to conventional thinking, research has shown that people who join cults are primarily young people at transitional periods of their lives who are idealistic, above-average intelligence, and come from good family backgrounds.


    • 25:42—Molyneux has a “form letter” his members can use when they defoo.


    • 26:18—For whatever it’s worth, FDR isn’t a scam. Molyneux believes.


    • 28:44—Confirmed!  There is a huge discrepancy between the way Molyneux presents his ideas when he knows there is a wide audience watching as opposed to when he is with his members. To outsiders, he claims he recommends disconnecting from people who are abusive, and that you are supposed to talk to your family and have discussion about the things from your childhood you didn’t like. Inside, he says such conversations are useless.


    • 31:15—Molyneux tells his followers that researching criticism of his moral arguments is “lazy.”


    • 32:15—Greg has noted that every member who was in the inner circle with Colleen have also departed, save two (MMD is one of them.)


    • 35:25—Molyneux has always claimed that critics “are skipped to the front of the line” when they ask to participate on his call-in show. The truth is that writer Paulie Doyle and others have had their requests refused and then were blocked from the site.


    • 43:20—In Greg’s first skype chat with Molyneux, Molyneux claimed that Greg would save $5 million by defooing. (Tru Shibes captured the moment here):

      And this is Colleen’s first interview on Freedom Feens

      Interview with Colleen, who DeFOOed the “Cult” of Stefan Molyneux – Freedom Feens live radio archive

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