Stefan Molyneux and defoo, defined

No matter what you've heard, this is what defooing is all about.

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Is FreeDomain Radio a destructive cult?

In which I aggressively and fearlessly sidestep the big question, head on!

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Part 2: The three persuasions of Stefan Molyneux

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Part 4: The tools of conversion

An eloquent and sad reminder… No matter what you hear, something just doesn’t quite seem to add up at Stefan Molyneux’s FreeDomain Radio.

In public, Molyneux claims that he advises his members to have open and honest conversations with their parents. In public, he tries to convince people that books like Real-Time Relationships have something to do with maintaining or improving your relationship with your parents.

But all you have to do is skim the book, filled with anti-parent rhetoric, and you know it’s not true. And all you have to do is notice there are no Stefan Molyneux podcasts about repairing family relationships.

And, year after year, we keep encountering stories like this:

Found on Liberating Minds, Nov. 30th, 2008.

Letter to Stefan Molyneux from a Defooed Parent

Dear Stefan Molyneux,

Our child left us because of your encouragement and advice. I am still confused about the whole thing. My child did not have that open discussion about their unhappiness in our family. I still would like to know the reasons why our child left. You encourage troubled youths to talk to members of their family. This one did not. But, later I learned that you also encourage them to not talk to the family because it is useless. I wonder how you know that without knowing our family, or for that matter, each and every family. My husband and I raised our child in a loving, supportive family. As our child began to question faith and politics, we respected and discussed those questions. We didn’t expect our child to model everything we did. We knew our child was an individual with their own ideas. We looked forward to learning about all of those as our child turned into an adult.

I believe that your position in our child’s life prevented the truth from ever surfacing. I know that truth is very important to FDR members. I can’t understand why we were not given the chance to know the truth about our child’s new found beliefs on religion, politics and family values and practices. We are still waiting for that discussion our child promised us.

The real “truth” of the matter is this—you have a tremendous influence on many young adults at a very impressionable time in their lives. You need to encourage them to openly discuss concerns with their families. You need to give families a chance to work on the issues. It is very important.

We were ready to help our child with anything and still are. We were never given that chance with your guidance. How can that be the best way to solve a problem?

Several times during the day, I have to stop and say to myself “yes, this really happened.” I still have trouble understanding the reasons why. We love our child so much and wish our child happiness in any chosen path. Parents must naturally let go of children as they become adults. We just want to see and hear the happiness in what they have chosen. But, to disappear completely from a family without explanation is absolutely wrong.

A Defooed Parent

Like I said, just a sad and eloquent reminder that something isn’t right.

In practice, many FDR members who have been convinced to defoo leave in exactly the same way Molyneux left his parents and his wife Christina left hers—just as this letter describes. One wonders how this story turned out?

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