Stefan Molyneux and defoo, defined

No matter what you've heard, this is what defooing is all about.

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Is FreeDomain Radio a destructive cult?

In which I aggressively and fearlessly sidestep the big question, head on!

Part 1: The journey into FDR

Part 2: The three persuasions of Stefan Molyneux

Part 3: The conversion

Part 4: The tools of conversion

Since this post was published, BiggerThanBothofMe has released a third video, which is both funny and incisive. I have appended it below.

Today’s Quickie! may cause some shockwaves in Mississauga…
Prompted in part by her concern over the growing misogyny of Stefan Molyneux and his followers and partly by the growing outrage over Molyneux’s DMCA attack of the Tru Shibes video page on YouTube, a former, deeply involved FDR member has come forward to tell the story of her indoctrination into Stefan Molyneux’s “community.”

The former member, posting on YouTube under the name BiggerThanBothofMe has apparently been talking about her FDR experience on her Facebook page for some time. In the past few days, she has posted videos that talk about the experience in greater detail.

You can tell that she originally intended these videos to be seen only by her Facebook followers. However, she has since decided to share her story with you in protest over Molyneux’s actions.

In her view, FDR is a destructive cult and she offers some pretty compelling arguments on why that is so. What makes it fascinating is her demonstration of why you don’t need religion to create a destructive cult. As she explains, there is a very dark interior to Freedomain Radio—and it cost her.

This first video, Introduction to My Cult Experience in Freedomain Radio, is the compelling story of her indoctrination:

After Molyneux was successful in eliminating the Tru Shibes YouTube account (by the way, the Facebook page is still alive and well!), BiggerThanBothofMe came back with an incisive analysis of exactly why this act has revealed the true nature of Stefan Molyneux—although it starts with a very funny introduction!

The video is entitled Freedomain Radio and DMCA Hypocrisy:

I think that’s a pretty succinct argument.

I look forward to your input in the forum!

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Third video—”We Grow, or the World Dies”
Stefan Molyneux to his followers

As a side note, I’m including links that will take you directly to the YouTube pages for these videos. You may find it interesting to read the comments by FDR True Believers. As you might imagine, a group that believes women are the cause of all evil in the world would probably find it very difficult to be publicly criticized by one of the silly creatures.

Introduction to My Cult Experience in Freedomain Radio:
Freedomain Radio and DMCA Hypocrisy:
“We Grow, or the World Dies”:

Oh, how would you survive in an ancap world, Mr. Molyneux? You know, one where you wouldn’t be able to use the power of the state to silence your critics?

Yes, faithful readers, it’s happened again. Remember when Molyneux tried to shut down Liberating Minds—the forum of ex-FDR members who were revealing the truth about him and his “community”? It was a scurrilous act on his part, as he tried to get the site deleted on a Terms of Agreement violation and attacked the site on a variety of other libertarian boards (whose members mostly ridiculed him for his efforts).

This time, Molyneux has Tru Shibes in his sights. (YouTube page here. And here’s the article I wrote about Tru Shibes just days ago.)

Molyneux, who has spoken out against the notion of intellectual property and typically allows his work to be distributed under Creative Commons (as long as he is credited) has filed several copyright infringement claims against Tru Shibes. Here’s the first:

But he’s not stopping there. Tru Shibes later received this:

All of these videos had proper attribution and were nearly always time-stamped for accuracy.

But the truth is that Tru Shibes did the most damaging thing a Molyneux critic can do—step [...] Continue Reading…

As many of you know, Stefan Molyneux issued a DMCA complaint with YouTube, causing the removal of Tru Shibes’s page. He has offered some tortured reasoning for the act but in my opinion he has simply used the power of the state to silence a highly effective critic. Nevertheless, most of the video links below are (temporarily) dead. I’ll repair them when the videos are restored. Sorry about that!

I admit it. Your humble narrator is a big failure. Now, let me stop you before you say, “that’s right, he’s been writing this stupid blog for a few years now and I’ll bet even his mom quit reading it.”

That’s not what I meant, ya smart Alecs.

No, there’s a tough nut I’ve been trying to crack this whole time, and that’s how to quickly and effectively illustrate that little bit o’ crazy that slips into almost every Molyneux video and podcast.

Yes, I’ve written about Molyneux’s books and the strange culture that is the FDR forum.
But here’s my big problem—succinctly critiquing his videos and podcasts.
Yes, I’ve delved into his podcasts and pulled out some amazingly revealing bits. Through it all, I’ve found that the very best way to critique [...] Continue Reading…

Update 08/07/2014…Well, it turns out your humble narrator QuestEon kicked up a little hornet’s nest with the title of this blog post.

Some forum members felt that I was not-so-slyly suggesting that Stefan Molyneux is actually a pedophile or at least slyly leaving the unpleasant association hanging in the air.

I admit I don’t mind a little sensationalism in my articles but it honestly never occurred to me that the article would be taken that way.

You see, I’ve always believed and stated that Molyneux strives to be a good man, that he believes body and soul he is bringing good things into the world. I believe he endeavors to be a good family man. That’s why I’ve always been fascinated by him. I’ve never seen any evidence of sexual deviancy, would never expect to find it, and would be highly skeptical of any assertions otherwise.

So, how did the title come to be?

Well, as the article states, I was struck by the similarity between the technique pedophiles use to prepare their victims for abuse and the techniques present at FDR to prepare new members (who are quite often otherwise normal people) to rewrite their family history (just as Molyneux’s wife [...] Continue Reading…

Don’t be fooled. This is simply another transparent attempt to lure you into the FDR Liberated Forum. (But it’s a pretty good one).

I had an idea for a Quickie!—type article that I’ve decided instead to turn into a discussion. The first few paragraphs are below; hit the link for more.

What are your thoughts?

Molyneux–Misogyny or Marketing?

So, it is clear that an interesting wrinkle has been added to the Molyneux story with his increasing negative statements about feminism and women in general.

It’s been very puzzling to me, as a long-time Molyneux watcher, because he is—personality disorder or not—a very smart fellow. In the early days, he freely expressed his hatred of parents but by 2008 had learned to use clever rhetoric that hid his true views from outsiders but not his True Believers.

But now he is intentionally (or at least certainly comfortable with) attacking feminists, which gives his forum members tacit permission to drift into outright misogyny. (I’d go so far as to say that Molyneux has done that as well).

Which leads me to the question: Why? Why would such a saavy self-promoter, one whose livelihood depends on donations, suddenly decide to enrage an entire gender? I’ve been wondering [...] Continue Reading…

Many folks have already realized that the best critical analysis of Stefan Molyneux is happening right here on the FDR Liberated Forum. I can’t take any credit for that. In fact, I have been conspicuous by my absence for much of this year.

However, I was jolted back into the surreality of the Freedomain Radio “community” when one of our forum members posted the following little amusement.

I can only assume the fun began when a Molyneux follower decided to enlighten Bill Burr (hilarious comedian, podcaster, and genuine famous person) about Stefan Molyneux (not particularly funny podcaster and wannabe famous person).

Apparently, that whole Blink thing that Molyneux was raving about a year or so ago turns out to be true! You really do know everything about someone in the first few seconds you encounter them.

Because it took just about that long for Burr to size up the man who claims to be the salvation of philosophy (caution—salty language alert!):

What Burr sees immediately is the one thing Molyneux’s followers are painfully unable to recognize.

Molyneux talks with great and apparently learned authority, even though there is virtually no foundation for it.

That’s probably cruel. I’m only saying that he has never conducted [...] Continue Reading…

QuestEon has taken a break from writing… and has created one of those YouTube videos that seem to be all the rage these days.


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Since I slavishly follow the daily activities of Stefan Molyneux, I feel qualified to announce that although he has tried on several titles in the past, including philosopher, libertarian, and advocate for peaceful parenting (whatever that is), I believe the best title for him remains “accidental humorist.”

Case in point, a silly little brouhaha a week or so ago that ended with him calling an entire legion of thoughtful critics “a bunch of nasty people screaming their little lungs out.”

For all you historians reading this post several hundred years from now, here’s a quick synopsis:

Some guy gave Stefan Molyneux, accidental humorist, a $2.00 donation.
Molyneux made a Facebook post suggesting the donation wasn’t enough.
Hundreds of people commented on the post; many called Molyneux ungrateful.
That ignited a reddit discussion with more people doing the same.
Which, in turn, inspired an amusing and interesting discussion on our forum.
Molyneux tried to control it as best he could, deleting comments that exposed touchy, reputation-damaging stuff (like Christina’s suspension, for example).
And then he responded to it all with (surprise!) a YouTube podcast. He titles the podcast “In Which I Admit Fault And Promise to Improve…”
His critics listened to the podcast and instead heard Molyneux accuse them of [...] Continue Reading…

Back in June 2010, I noticed a strange and unexplained disappearance of Christina Papadopoulos from Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio.

All traces of the podcasts Molyneux’s wife had co-produced, excited conversations about her contributions to the psychology theories of FDR, and even innocent queries about her disappearance were quickly removed from the site.

Unbeknownst to most recent FDR members, Christina once played a significant role in the “community,” particularly through her series of Ask-A-Therapist podcasts, of which approximately 20 were produced.

Even though Stefan praised Christina as the inspiration behind his philosophy (the couple had even co-released a podcast suggesting she was the architect behind the “community”), she was suddenly gone—purged, in fact—from the site.

The mystery is solved

Back then, Stefan and Christina knew something we didn’t. But now we do.

Christina was being investigated by College of Psychologists of Ontario, who govern professional conduct and licensing in that province. On October 30th, 2012, she was found guilty of professional misconduct.

According to an article written by Tu Thanh Ha* for Toronto’s Globe & Mail, the College investigated whether “Ms. Papadopoulos, a psychological associate, gave improper advice on a number podcasts made with her husband, Stefan Molyneux.”

The article continues:

“Ms. Papadopoulos advocated a practice called deFOOing, [...] Continue Reading…

On June 21, the blog Molyneux Revealed published a shocking post—A Suicide Caused by Stefan Molyneux and Christina Papadopoulos and FreeDomainRadio.

The post contained an email that had been written by a grieving parent. In the email, the parent recounted the story of his son (who he refers to as “Sam”).

“Sam” had become enamored of the psychology/philosophy of FDR, abandoned his family and friends, and subsequently—alone and homeless—took his own life.

I have confirmed at least the above facts. They are true. The family prefers to stay anonymous for now and I’ll respect their wishes.

Edmund Burke, the blogger at Molyneux Revealed  who is himself a defooed parent, cites the incident as one more proof that “the evil perpetuated by Stephan (sic) Molyneux and his wife Christina Papadopoulos is lethal.” The grieving parent also believes that—as a result of the defoo—his son had “no family and support structure to turn back to” in his most urgent time of need.

However, beyond the verifiable facts of the incident, we are mostly left with conjecture. And as always, people will rely on their own biases to decide which conjecture suits their interpretation of the story best.

Did the story play out as “Sam’s” father claims? [...] Continue Reading…

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Also, please consider sharing the link to my article on the FDR member suicide. I'm still wondering why not a single FDR member has acknowledged the tragic passing of a fellow member.

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