Stefan Molyneux and defoo, defined

No matter what you've heard, this is what defooing is all about.

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Is FreeDomain Radio a destructive cult?

In which I aggressively and fearlessly sidestep the big question, head on!

Part 1: The journey into FDR

Part 2: The three persuasions of Stefan Molyneux

Part 3: The conversion

Part 4: The tools of conversion

First, all of the “Ask a Therapist” podcasts featuring Molyneux’s therapist wife, Christina, suddenly disappeared from the FDR site.

Then, the line on the site’s home page that formerly read “Topics range from politics to philosophy to psychology to economics to relationships to atheism” (with links to summary pages of Molyneux’s views on each) was altered: specifically, the word psychology and its associated linked page were deleted without explanation.

And now the infamous podcasts—Defooing, Parts 1 & 2 (#451 and #452)—recorded during an autumn hike as Christina and her husband ridicule an anguished letter from her own parents, have simply vanished.

It appears that all traces of Christina’s involvement with FDR psychology are being rapidly purged from FreeDomain Radio. When asked about it, Molyneux replies only with the mysterious excuse that it all has been removed for “spring cleaning.” Does it matter? Well, consider this. More than anything else, the one thing that makes FDR and the FDR philosophy different is that it is built on a foundation that links psychology and philosophy together inseparably.

More important—in Molyneux’s own words—the FDR foundation was inspired and co-authored by Christina.

If there’s no psychology in the theory, there’s no FDR. Not as we know it.

But these days, Molyneux downplays Christina’s involvement while insistently reminding followers that he is not a therapist and his “convos” are not therapy. They just happen to be a conversation between two friends.

Except in this particular case, the younger friend has an emotional problem and the older friend always traces the source of that problem back to the younger friend’s parents using the techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy (a service for which he gladly accepts donations).

But that’s only a coincidence—heck, it’s just two friends talkin’.

At any rate, what is going on with Christina and FDR psychology these days?

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