Stefan Molyneux and defoo, defined

No matter what you've heard, this is what defooing is all about.

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Is FreeDomain Radio a destructive cult?

In which I aggressively and fearlessly sidestep the big question, head on!

Part 1: The journey into FDR

Part 2: The three persuasions of Stefan Molyneux

Part 3: The conversion

Part 4: The tools of conversion

Articles in this section offer insights into the occasional media scrutiny given to FreeDomain Radio. It doesn’t happen often, since parents, families, and friends are often reluctant to come forward to tell their stories.

Parents who have been defooed by children who have joined Stefan Molyneux’s FreeDomain Radio are in a quandry. By the time the defoo actually occurs, the new members now view any criticism of Stefan Molyneux or the “community” itself as a personal attack on them.

I don’t understand how that all works, but it seems as if they have become so invested in FDR beliefs that it becomes more than a belief, but who they are.

Many members defoo their families with a three-line goodbye message (just as Molyneux and his wife Christina employed with their respective families). Families are quite often unaware of the hours that had already been spent listening to podcasts and chatting on the FDR forum. In fact, there may be defooed parents out there who–to this day–have no idea that a “FreeDomain Radio” exists or the role that Stefan Molyneux and the “community” played in splitting the family apart.

In December 2008, one parent broke the silence and became the face of parent anguish over the cruelty of Molyneux’s defooing practice. Barbara Weed allowed herself to be interviewed and her private story made public to warn others about the darker psychological practices of FreeDomain Radio. The reverberations from that act continue to this day. This section contains a couple of articles about Molyneux’s reactions/response to those articles.

Here are some links to the original news stories.

‘You’ll never see me again’ (UK’s Guardian article by Kate Hilpern)

A fearful mother reveals: The internet cult that stole my son (UK’s Daily Mail article by Kate Hilpern)

How a cyberphilosopher convinced followers to cut off family (Toronto’s Globe and Mail article by Tu Thanh Ha; link jumps to article as preserved on Rick Ross’s Archive for the study of destructive cults.)

Website ‘Led Teen To Quit Family’ (Sky News article by Robin Powell)

Hot forum conversations!

Joe Rogan/Stefan Molyneux interview 8/21/2014--Did Molyneux tell Joe the truth?

FreeDomainRadio Uses Copyright Rules To Get Tru Shibes videos removed?--Follow the unfolding story of how Molyneux silenced a critic.

Just published on Buzzfeed Community: Holy Moly--A surprising expose.

Also, please consider sharing the link to my article on the FDR member suicide. I'm still wondering why not a single FDR member has acknowledged the tragic passing of a fellow member.

The article may not help anyone decide whether Stefan Molyneux's methods contributed to a member suicide, but it's required reading for anyone who believes Molyneux's methods are helpful.

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